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Landing Pages is a web page built in a certain way, the main task of which is to encourage a visitor to a targeted action and convert him into a buyer or client of the company.
Landing Pages is a web page built in a certain way, the main task of which is to encourage a visitor to a targeted action and convert him into a buyer or client of the company.
A one-page website that encourages the user to perform a targeted action: make a purchase, leave a request, get advice, start cooperation, etc.

We will create a well-thought-out structure from a marketing point of view. We will place trap accents, pay attention to the main message, work out lead magnets to form additional value. Visitors will definitely want to press the coveted button.
Why Tilda
Craft, fast and
functional websites are built on Tilda
Let's do something together! This will
cool experience for you, we
Let's prove that IT is easy :)
Sites on Tilda are created quickly. Most of the time is not occupied by programming, but by the analysis and packaging of content. This allows you to correctly distribute the budget and efforts.
Clear content management system. You can make changes yourself on your own site with the help of a tutorial video. But if you have difficulties, we provide 2-month support for free.
All modern design trends. We do not use templates, but develop a unique website design for each project.
We don't just make websites
Step one
We highlight the main advantages and benefits for the client
Step two
We think over in advance a strategy for promoting your site and attracting new customers
Thanks to 2 years of experience, we design with a focus on the main elements of the site, using our knowledge to emphasize what is important.
Step three
Step four
We make a description taking into account the interests of the target audience of your business
Recent projects
We create craft sites that help unlock the potential of a business. We help companies become more understandable and unique to their customers.
Personal website of professional astrologer Anastasia Dragomirova. Astrological services, consultations and mentorship of a professional astrologer.
A site for the sale of training courses Kyde Architects is a well-known studio that creates projects of various levels of complexity. All this is done in a modern style.
Internet advertising agency Art Solution Digital offers comprehensive solutions for goods and services in any business area. Effective promotion strategies, a team of professionals.
Professional industrial laundry PROMPRA laundry for organizations and restaurants, hotels, medical and other institutions in the city of Moscow.
How we do
Clear work steps
• Writing terms of reference
• Creation of a site prototype
• Selection of reference sites
• Drawing site design
• Connect animation
• Adaptive layout
• Connection of feedback forms
• Domain and mail connection
• Site management training
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